Alternative Fuels Accelerate HAVI’s Sustainability Drive

Alternative Fuels Accelerate HAVI’s Sustainability Drive

HAVI is responding to the threat of climate change, diesel bans and low-emission zones by switching its delivery fleet in Germany to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and setting up its own network of LNG filling stations.


It is just six months since HAVI introduced its first LNG-powered delivery vehicles to the German market and they are already delivering measurable environmental benefits. Through its pioneering alternative fuels partnership with Scania, the supply chain business – whose customers include McDonald’s, KFC, Nordsee and Vapiano – recently switched another nine vehicles to gas at its Duisburg distribution center. By the end of June, its LNG fleet will comprise 35 trucks – one of the biggest in Germany.

And this is just the start. Under the slogan ‘Our Environment, Our Drive’, HAVI’s partnership with Scania is on track to transfer up to 70 percent of its truck fleet to alternative fuels by 2021 in several of the European countries where HAVI operates.

Delivering Significant Benefits
It is proven that alternative fuels such as LNG significantly reduce the environmental impact of road transport. LNG-powered trucks emit less CO2, nitrous gases and fine particles than petrol and diesel trucks – and they are much quieter. By going the alternative fuel route, HAVI is not only making supply chains more sustainable, but it is also ensuring deliveries to its customers continue for the foreseeable future as more towns and cities across Europe introduce anti-congestion measures, diesel bans and low-emission zones.

“对于我们的客户来说,可能的可持续供应链可能越来越重要,德国Havi Logistics董事总经理Roland Schmidt解释道。“与我们的LNG舰队一起,我们正在为确保客户的供应链和产品进行贡献,是可持续的和绿色。”

Partnerships Part 1: HAVI and McDonald’s
一个这样的客户是麦当劳的,旨在将其餐馆,管理,生产和供应链中的全球二氧化碳排放量减少30%以上,到2030以上,作为其可持续性战略的一部分。“在麦当劳供应链,质量保证和可持续发展总监Heike Bierweiler,我们已经制定了类似了解对可持续的商业模式类似的了解。”“我们合作伙伴,供应商和特许经营者的高度创新构成了整个麦当劳系统成功的基础。由于HAVI的创新项目帮助我们达到我们的全球气候目标,我们的物流伙伴实施的综合措施是减少二氧化碳排放的奖励案例。“

Investing In A Sustainable Future

HAVI’s LNG Station Network
2018年11月,HAVI与其合作伙伴加油公司开设了德国第四届LNG灌装站。在汉诺威附近的Wunstorf的另一个哈维液灌装站计划于2020年代开始到来。“德国的全国液化天然气灌装站网络仍然缓慢发展,”Torsten Oldhues,高级总监,经销后勤,HAVI评论。“所以,打开我们自己的电台对我们替代燃料战略的成功至关重要。”

By expanding its existing network, HAVI is also seeking to reduce the impact of changes in pricing policies by filling station operators. What’s more, the supply chain company will be in a position to offer other carriers the opportunity to use its filling stations. This will not only enable the stations to run at capacity but will also encourage other industry players to implement their own sustainable solutions. At HAVI’s Duisburg location, for example, over 40 trucks from other carriers regularly fill up their tanks.

HAVI’s sustainability program is only made possible through Scania’s pioneering innovations and the company’s LNG-fuelled trucks that HAVI uses. Stefan Ziegert, Product Manager of Transport Solutions at Scania Germany, says: “The demand for sustainable transport solutions is growing. Smart and dedicated partnerships like the one HAVI, McDonald’s and Scania enjoy can accomplish so much. HAVI’s forward-looking approach is very much in keeping with our own approach. The company is one of the first supply chain companies in Germany to extensively explore LNG options and then gradually introduce the technology. With its own network of LNG filling stations, HAVI is driving forward the use of LNG throughout Germany – and we’ll be supporting them every step of the way.”